Rules, Chattanoogas Sports Leagues Flag Football 5v5

Chattanooga Sports Leagues Flag Football 
General Rules (govern all league play) 

Teams play with five players on the field 

Teams must have a minimum of three players to start and finish a game. Failure to do so at the posted game time will result in a forfeit

The team winning the coin toss can receive the ball in the first half or the second half. If team wins coin toss and chooses ball in the second half they will also choose an end to defend (similar to defer). 

Touchdown - 6 points
Extra Points 3 Yard Extra Point Attempt - 1 Point, 10 Yard Extra Point Attempt - 2 Points, 20 Yard Extra Point Attempt - 3 Point. Extra Point attempts cannot be returned by the defense. Extra points will be whistled dead at the change of possession. 

**After scoring, the scoring team can elect to give the opposing team the ball on the scoring team's 20 yard line to keep the opponent from using up the clock. This "hurry up" tactic becomes an irrevocable "right" of the scoring team's opponent. Once selecting this option a team cannot change their mind at anytime thereafter.

The length of the game is 40 minutes, divided into two halves of 20 minutes. Running time with no clock stoppage is used for the first 19 minutes of each half. The clock will stop during the final 1:00 minute. During the final minute of each half traditional clock stoppage is used.

A 25 second play clock will start once referee blows his/her whistle. 

Each team receives two timeouts per half. Each time out is thirty seconds. Only one timeout can be used inside the one-minute warning. During league playoffs teams will be allowed the use of both timeouts during the two-minute warning if applicable. 

Overtime will be determined by each team electing to try for extra point attempts of 1, 2 or 3. The opposing team is not required to make the same try. 

Field will be 50 yards long and 30 yards wide with 10-yard end zones. CSL reserves the right to amend field dimensions based on facilities constraints

The triple threat flag belt is the only acceptable flag belt (teams may bring their own or will be provided by NSL). Football must be provided by the teams. High school, collegiate or NFL size footballs are the only acceptable sizes allowed. No metal cleats allowed No hard football pads may be worn. Mouthpieces are suggested. No hard billed hat will be worn. No pockets are allowed (you will not be able to play with pockets and you will not be allowed to tape pockets) THIS WILL BE ENFORCED! 

In case of an inadvertent whistle, the team with possession of the ball has the choice of yardage gained/spot of the ball at the time of the inadvertent whistle or replay the down. If time expired one more play will be allowed. 

Three downs for zone to gain. If zone to gain is not earned possession will change and ball will be placed on opponent’s 5 yard line. 

The spot of the ball is always the ball at the time the flag belt is removed/broken or one hand touch in the appropriate scenario. 

No contact other than screen blocking (basketball) with arms behind back or placed at the side. No blocking with hands. No moving blocks will be allowed. 

The ball is part of the hand. Muffed or wild snaps are dead at spot of the ball making contact with the ground. ALL players are eligible to receive the ball. The ball carrier cannot advance the if he or she falls down. Only one forward pass is allowed originating from behind the line of scrimmage. 

The ball will be placed on the 5 yard line of the opposing team. Arena Motion is legal. Laterals are not allowed, but the QB is allowed to run.

The ball carrier or receiver that falls or dives to make a catch cannot get up and run. 

The receiver must have one foot in bounds for a legal reception. If a player steps out of bounds on his own, he cannot re-enter play. 

No de-flagging a receiver before the reception (pass interference). Cannot hold the jersey/short to pull the flag or tackle the ball carrier. Interceptions can be advanced for yardage or points. Fumbles are dead at the spot of the fumble; no change of possession. Defense can rush at the snap of the ball from three yards. Defense is not allowed to strip the ball after receiver has control. 

Simple Offensive Penalties 
Legend LOD - Loss of Down 
LOS - Line of Scrimmage 
EOP - End of Play Spot 
SOI - Spot of Infraction 
ROD - Replay of Down 

Illegal Procedure (Live Ball): LOS - 5 Yards – Replay of Down (ROD) 
Delay of Game: LOS – 5 Yards – ROD 
Illegal Use of Clock: 5 Yards - ROD 
False Start (Dead Ball): LOS - 5 Yards – ROD 
Moving Screen Block: LOS - 10 Yards - ROD
Offensive Pass Interference: LOS - 10 Yards - ROD
Flag Guarding: Spot - 5 Yards - LOD (must include contact by the ball carrier) 
Illegal Forward Pass: Spot - 5 Yards - LOD 
Illegal Equipment (Live Ball): LOS - 5 Yards - ROD 
Unsportsmanlike (Conduct): Spot/EOP - 10 Yards
Offsides (Live Ball): LOS – 5 yards – ROD 
Intentional Grounding: SOI – 5 yards – LOD
Illegal Participation (equipment/substitution): LOS - 5 yards - ROD 
Illegal Participation (player out of bounds): LOS - 10 yards - ROD 

Simple Defensive Penalties? 
Contact/Holding/Impeding Progress: EOP - 10 Yards - ROD
Defensive Pass Interference: Spot - ROD (10 yard min) 
Encroachment (Dead Ball) 1st Attempt: LOS - 5 Yards - ROD
Encroachment (Dead Ball) 2nd Attempt: LOS - 10 Yards - ROD 
Offsides (Dead Ball) 1st Attempt: LOS - 5 Yards – ROD 
Roughing the Passer: EOP - 10 Yards - 1st Down 
Illegal Contact: EOP - 10 Yards - ROD
Illegal Participation (equipment/substitution): LOS - 5 yards - ROD 
Illegal Participation (player out of bounds): LOS - 10 yards - ROD