*NEW* League and Tournament Format

1) Teams will be combined into 1 league.

2) Leagues with 12 or more teams will have 1st set of games randomly scheduled, then the remaining games will be released based on the team's current record.

    a) This will pair teams with similar skill levels together for their remaining games.

3) ALL teams will make either full or half game tournament.  Tournament will be split into divisions based on the number of registered teams.  Half games will be approximately one-half the normal game time.

    a) 1-7 teams :: Semi-finals & finals (full game), play-in games (half game) .

    b) 8-11 teams :: Top 4 make "A" division (full game), remaining teams make "B" division (half game).

    c) 12+ teams ::
Top 4 make "A" division (full game), next 4 make "B" division (full game), remaining make "C" division tournament (half game).